2015 - what a year!

I've come to the conclusion that, try as we may, we're not bloggers, we're event planners. We work with our clients on thousands and thousands of details, both aesthetically and logistically, and at the end of it we are always SO proud and vow to blog immediately (or even to submit to other blogs), BUT then we never do. We get busy, yes, but mostly we don't do it because it's tough - how do you even put these experiences into actual words? On average, we are actively working with someone for 12-18 months. In that time, we get to know the innermost details of a couple and of a family. It's impossible to sum that up in one entry, and photos couldn't possibly do it justice. 

With that said, we are truly proud of the work we've been able to do and we want to show it off! Here's a little sample of where 2015 took us...

lovett hall wedding.jpg

In March, Christine & Jason got married at Lovett Hall, and Jess + Nate were on hand to capture the details. The wedding was truly classic and beautiful. My absolute favorite part was the hand draped fabric on the chairs. Katie Wachowiak really outdid herself with these! Katie has now been our exclusive floral designer for 3 years. We have created a special partnership and are thrilled to have her love and care put into the majority of our events. 

Christine walked in and her jaw dropped. Lovett Hall was her dream venue. We were so happy to work with her to have the wedding of her dreams.

lovett hall wedding 2
lovett hall wedding 3
lovett hall wedding 3.jpg

In late April, we started setting up for a mid-May wedding at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, as well as a rehearsal dinner at Lovett and a post-wedding brunch at the Westin Book Cadillac. It was a huge production, and one that will soon be published - so I'll post it when it's live! Thanks to Tec Petaja for coming up from Nashville to document the day, as well as Saipua for driving in from NYC to help execute our design. Working with both of them (as well as about 150 other vendors) was kind of out of a movie. Here are a few sneak peeks...


I laugh at this next photo, about 9 days in. You know that old adage "a woman can do everything a man can do, but she can do it in heels?" Just saying...;)


ford house wedding 1
ford house wedding 2
ford house wedding 3

Two weeks later, we did another weekend-long experience - this time a B'nai mitzvah for the Weiner family. Both Russell & Wendy are in marketing and originally from NYC, so when they were looking to create an experience for their guests, a little shindig with balloons just wasn't going to cut it. We ended up turning the basketball court of Crisler Arena into Manhattan. The event was for charity, benefitting the Ann Arbor Art Center and the Huron Valley Humane Society.



Cocktail hour on the rooftop of Mortensen Plaza...

The U of M cheerleaders were on hand to teach the kids...

And of course, my favorite, which is when guests were led by the U of M marching band drummers onto the court. Looks a little different! I love the guest expressions. Pure excitement and joy! What a treat for them.

Guests dined on top of "NYC rooftops", custom built by Dave of the Lighting Guy. Thank you sooo much Dave!

During dinner, the marching band surprised guests with a performance.

Every single thing was NYC or Michigan themed, from the backpacks for kids and the tablescapes, down to the menu that was served - and even in the bitters of the cocktails.

As you can see, both kids and adults just had a terrible time. 

A favorite pic of the night, our clients having an absolute blast!

The next day, we designed a farm-to-table brunch on the farm at Misty Valley, with "Momosas" to toast Wendy for being so great.

We had the best time working with this great family and are looking forward to working with them on their next event. Thank you to Callaway Gable for flying in from Los Angeles to document the day!

Jean and Jeremy (ok and Max, too), hired us to help them design their wedding in May at Planterra, which is always a favorite. But what you can't tell from these photos is how great these two are. WOW, we will cherish our time with them forever. Thank you both for everything! And thanks to Alison Bank for just knocking these detail shots out of the park! Custom draping, bamboo chairs, hand painted menus, "Vodsicles" (That's right, Vodka in popsicles) - we just had an absolute blast and the day was perfection!

JR Magat sent us these amazing photos from Sarah & Nick's big day. These two are in mad love and they had the most gorg wedding at the Inn at St John's!


Kira & Tyler got married at Cornman, but sorry - this is extra special since she interned for us, and thus it requires its own entry. Thanks for the gorg photos Jill Devries.

All you need to know is that we timed the hora with the sunset and it was epic.

We had a little break in between these events, and took off to Vancouver, BC. When we returned? Claire and Jean Baptiste at the Michigan Theater! Popcorn as escort cards and we lit that place up proper! Thanks to Alyssa McElheny for the beautiful photos.

By August we were back at the Inn at St John's to celebrate #ginandjonic. Ginny and Jon are soooo fun and their wedding was a total bash. Thanks to Jesse David Green for capturing the day!

Can we pause and take in this bouquet for a minute? DANG, Katie!!

Cara & Tommy have lived and traveled all over the world, and came in to have an Ann Arbor wedding at the City Club. We opted to tent the dinner, rather than have it inside, which was so great. We also put a lot of love into their cocktail menu. Michigan cherry old-fashioned, anyone? Thanks to JDG for these photos as well, along with the Fisher family for being just wonderful!

We took off for a few brief site visits up north. It was a much needed break. Ahhhhh, northern Michigan!

But before you knew it, we were back downstate to do our last 3 weddings of the 2015 season. Our groom Will had kinda the best day ever.

Hot tub...

Mid-day outing to Ashley's...

and oh yeah, have I mentioned he was about to marry this girl?

Maja & Will's wedding at the Michigan Union was honestly superb. It was elegant, warm, and fun - just like them. Thanks Jess + Nate! Gorg photos!

The following weekend we did the wedding of another auto family - the Sabatini's! What a pleasure they were. I mean honestly. Just all around fantastic people, and it was an honor to be their wedding planner. 

When I (Alison) was a little girl, I always pictured a scene from a wedding as a beautiful girl riding in a beautiful car with her Dad on her way to get married. On the way back, she'd be riding with her new husband. This dream basically became Marie's wedding. Also, she married the most adorbs Australian man, with a reception at the wonderful and hospitable Orchard Lake Country Club. Have you ever been at an event where half of the guests had the best accents and constantly laughed so joyfully it echoed into another room? We have! Thanks Sabatini fam, and thanks again to Jess & Nate for the amazing images. 


Bringing us to our last event of the 2015 season, Kate & Pat. WOW, we almost didn't get to do this wedding because of our schedule, and I am so glad we did. These two (and their families) brought so much joy into our lives in the year we worked with them, I can't even say it enough. It's moments like this, when I'm looking back on an entire year, that reminds me how lucky we are. We don't get to just plan weddings, we get to be a part of unforgettable memories. There are no words to describe what it's like. Thanks to Justine Montigny for doing such a great job capturing the many details of this great event at the Piquette Plant in Detroit, and thanks Chaklos and Roney families. What a true pleasure it was!

Can we talk about monogrammed pretzels for a minute here? Not pictured: patron shots and mini taco pairings. AMAZING Forte Belanger!

So that brings me to the end...me 36 hours after our last event, comatose on a bed in Paris. 

True story! Can ya blame us? I think we slept for 3 days.

Thanks to everyone who allowed us to do what we love in 2015. There are too many vendors to name (not to mention our amazing intern Julia), but you know we are truly grateful to every single one of you. We are proud of what's behind us, and excited for what's to come. Can you believe we're about to do this again in just a few short months?

2016...stay tuned!

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