Top 12 Wedding Planner in the World by Elle Magazine

Screenshot 2017-06-02 23.53.41.png

I remember when we learned about this press. I'll never forget it. We were tagged in a Facebook post, first and foremost, leading us to check out an article where everything was in Italian except for our business name. Our friend translated. Months later, we were hopping a plane to head to Milan, where we were honored in a palace by 42 editions of Elle worldwide in a feature that is still hard for our minds to fully grasp. So, here's a glowing cell phone photo.

We wore what we could fit in a backpack (that's how we travel these days). We drank a ton of prosecco and marveled over the surreality of it all. We held hands and reminded each other to take it in, because experiencing a dream come true together was really just the best part. 

Afterward, we went to Lake Como and celebrated. Thank you so much to Elle Italia for hosting such an incredible awards ceremony and occasion, and just for your support in general. We can't wait to come back to Italy.

P.S. Who wants to get married there? We would love to plan it...just saying...