Civil Twilight

Did you know when you are researching a sunset time, there is actually 20-30 minutes you should be adding to that time to account for civil twilight? Yes it’s true, while the sun itself does set, it does not actually get dark just yet. So if you’re planning for the sky to go black at a certain time (let’s say you want to completely change the scene with amazing lighting, perhaps during a ceremony RIGHT when you are announced as husband and wife, or during an outdoor reception when you have your first dance or cut the cake), keep this in mind! Not only is this a solid tool you can use to prevent logistical mishaps (eek, can you imagine what would happen if it went dark during your ceremony and you HAD no lighting?!), it can also really help you time your day out to enhance those special and magical moments, making it even more memorable for you and for your guests. Because seriously, when the night begins to fall and the ceiling of a tent lights up with twinkle lights right as your guests sit down for dinner (for example), those are the kinds of experiences your guests will never forget. 

clear top tent with string lights

(photo courtesy of our instagram account. :) pro pics of this wedding coming soon!)

For a cheat sheet on sunset and civil twilight times, you can refer to this website. Cheers!