Eating Well magazine with Joe Vaughn

We've been busy, my friends. There's something we haven't been telling you. About 3 months ago, VLD embarked on a new adventure - prop styling with photographer extraordinaire Joe Vaughn for magazine editorials and advertising campaigns. (Yes, it's really as cool as it sounds!) What exactly does a prop stylist do? Well, in this particular case, it involved sourcing props and designing a summer tablescape for an editorial about chopped salads in the May/June issue of Eating Well magazine. It was an incredible experience - we love designing on a small, intimate scale, especially when we get to work with such an awesome team of pros. Also, turns out Bryan is so good at prop styling, he started working with Joe and team on his own. So cool! You can read more about the Eating Well shoot here, as well as see more images in the magazine, on newsstands nationwide. 

Thanks to Joe, Cari and team for having us, to Eating Well for being adorable/amazing (seriously, I don't have time to cook, but if I did this would definitely be where I'd turn for inspiration), and to Katie Wachowiak for driving 4 hours to bring us that floral arrangement in a blizzard. (Can we say above and beyond?)

P.S. fun fact: when I (Alison) was 16, I broke my thumb in the door of my friend Jon Tipton's Buick Regal, after which I was semi-jokingly told I'd never make it as a hand model. WELL, fast forward a couple (ahem) years later, and what do you know - that's me and my weird thumb chopping veggies all over the newsstands. YES!