Guy & Girl About the World - British Columbia

It has been awhile since a #traveltuesday post - mainly because, well, we've been working. We've decided to share our travels with you as it allows you to get to know us a bit better. Traveling has become the #1 thing to inspire our work - not to mention, we are constantly being asked advice about our trips by our clients, as they are all simultaneously planning weddings, honeymoons and bach parties, so it makes sense that we blog about them afterward. I think at some point we'll create a separate travel blog, but for now we are lazy/busy and you can read about them all here.

We looooooove the Pacific Northwest. Ask us about the 5 years we spent living in Seattle and we'll talk your ear off for hours. So, when we had the opportunity to travel 2 hours north of Vancouver, BC this summer, we jumped on it. There's just something about the mountains and that water that is unbelievably calming. We don't often hear it brought up as a destination for a honeymoon or bachelor/bachelorette weekend, but it certainly should be - and this, my friends, is why.

There's a reason why they call it the Sunshine Coast. Sunsets so good, the water turns pink...ahh, and then purple.

After a plane, a car, a ferry, and a car again, we arrived. Well, almost. First we had to load up our groceries and belongings onto a wheelbarrow (obviously).

Another quick boat ride later and we were there - beautiful and serene Thormanby Island.

The island used to have a big resort on it, but it is now available only to guests of privately owned cottages. It really feels like a secret getaway; made up of a mix of families who have been coming here for generations, and people from all over the world who, like us, basically stumbled here accidentally as guests and now don't want to leave. Thormanby has mastered the true art of community - the cottages all share the boats, umbrellas and chairs on the shore.

When in Canada? Anyway...

There are two areas where people live on Thormanby - on top of the hill and right on the beach below it. As such, they affectionally refer to one another as the "Uppers" and "Downers". The island started to get a real Dirty Dancing kinda vibe to it about an hour or so in, as you can imagine. Paging Patrick Swayze...

View from up top with pics of our cute little "Love Shack" accommodations. Thank you Kate and family!

We spent 4 magical days putting down our phones and getting back in touch with each other and with nature. We walked the beach for miles...

We SUP'd (some of us better than others - what can I say, I plan weddings all summer long)...


We caught dinner...

We photographed cool all-grass tennis courts and felt like we were in a Wes Anderson film...

At one point we even stumbled upon an Alpaca farm (have no idea how they got on that ferry, but the thought of it is hilar!).

And as we were leaving, we immediately vowed to go back. 

To stay: this treehouse cabin or these yurts.

To eat: Crab from the ocean, anything on the grill, and likely a bunch of chips.

To drink: BC beer and Okanagan Valley wine.