Guy & Girl About the World - Playa y Tulum

We are very lucky, we've traveled to the Quintana Roo region of Mexico 5 times. We've stayed on the beach in Cancun, in the jungle in Riviera Maya, in the heart of Playa Del Carmen, and off the grid in Tulum. We've stayed in huts, in boutique hotels, and in luxury resorts. The year before last, the tourism department of Mexico hosted us and we spent a week in a classroom and on various sites, learning about all the hotels and activities for destination weddings and honeymoons. We now consider ourselves to be experts in the area. It is a home away from home, so to speak, and we love the culture, the water, the food, and the way you just seem to...relax...the second your toes hit that sand. Ahh...

So while the last time we were there our focus was on the big resorts, this time we chose to go small, staying in a few different boutique places - one of which was Hotel La Semilla, a 9 room hotel designed by a husband and wife team.


I have to admit, I obsessed over La Semilla from the second I found it. The photos online looked amazing, and the reviews said it was like sleeping in an Anthropologie - which I mean duh, I want that. This is the kind of place that (I think) similarly captures what we try to do with events. It is truly special and multi-sensory, one that is different than merely a place to sleep - it is an experience.


Every morning you head into the garden for breakfast, which is served by the owner himself. And in the evening, it is complimentary wine hour (although "hour" is loosely defined because when we were there it went late into the evening).

From complimentary bikes, to beach club passes at places with cute umbrellas, to a rooftop deck with an outdoor shower and views of the ocean, La Semilla is a hidden gem. There are a thousand more reasons why we loved it here (including the rooms...omg, the rooms!!!), but I hesitate to say more because a true experience is meant to be experienced for yourself. GO!

Following Playa, we boarded a bus and headed into Tulum. Ahh, Tulum - the formerly off the beaten path mystical land which is now a global hotspot. About an hour from Playa, people go to Tulum to truly unplug from life. Although pricey, Tulum is a great place for a honeymoon, destination wedding or, you know, FEBRUARY, because it has everything you need within biking distance. 

The beach, of course, along with charming places to sit back and enjoy a margarita...

adorbs places on the beach to stay...

REALLY great places to eat (although if you plan to go to Hartwood, arrive 15 minutes before they open up the reservation line or you will wait in a long line and then NOT get in)...

inspiring places to shop, do yoga, do nothing...

and a million little surprises around every corner to enjoy and discover.

Tips: 1) stay on the beach side in Tulum, 2) the autobus is totally safe and the best way to travel from town to town, 3) If you rent a car try to pre-pay insurance or you will pay a very high rate, and 4) Don't forget the cenotes!

¡Volveremos! (We will return!)

To stay: Hotel La Semilla, Coqui Coqui, Casa Violetta, Be Tulum, Ana y Jose, Casa de las Olasthis Airbnb

To eat: Hartwood, Shiva, El Fogon and Los Aguachiles (Playa)

To drink: Posada Margherita, Casa Jaguar, Indigo Beach Club (Playa)