Local Kitchen & Bar Rehearsal Dinner

Ok, so as you know we have "Travel Tuesdays", where we share our scouting adventures with you - and now, wait for it, here comes "Wedding Wednesdays".

Now  I can't promise this will be an every week thing, but if I can do it 2 times a month, we'll likely be able to post about all the fun events we get to do year round (and still have time to plan them). 

First up is a rehearsal dinner the night before a wedding. You may recall Melody & Ashkan's wedding...I mean, how can we forget? 

planterra wedding 1

The night before the wedding was a beautiful celebration at Local Kitchen & Bar. We loved working there. We loved the food, the space, the staff (thank you so much Shannon!). But mostly, we loved that Melody gave us full creative freedom to create something special for her and Ashkan. She really trusted us to "get" it because of the work we were doing with the wedding, and it allowed us to streamline the process and take the dinner off her plate (har har) as well. 

I absolutely love doing rehearsal dinners (and weekend long experiences, for that matter). We do them often nowadays, and although they can be quite a bit of work and require SERIOUS amounts of organization, it allows us to treat our clients and their guests to an adventure the whole way through. Super cool.

We designed the space to feel like a light and airy dinner party. We purchased linen runners and layered them on wooden tables, and then filled the tables with serious amounts of candlelight and arrangements filled with ranunculus and garden roses (shout out to our girl Katie Wachowiak, who has been working with us exclusively for 2 full seasons now and is just a total gem). We purchased a beautiful wooden board and had Rock Paper Scissors hand letter the menu on it. We brought in white bentwood chairs, suspended gold geometric mobiles from SpazzHappyLineDesign, turned on a little uplighting, set the tables, and voila! The evening was filled with family, friends, lots of love and celebration, and speeches that turned our couple red (as any good rehearsal speech should).



Thanks to Miss Jill DeVries for these beautiful images. And thanks again to Melody & Ashkan - the weekend was a total dream. - XOVLD