Planterra Wedding with Melody & Ashkan

It's Sunday morning, April 19th, 2015. I'm in my bathrobe drinking coffee on our day off, but today is Melody & Ashkan's 1st anniversary and I couldn't help but post about their absolutely magical day. So, without further adieu...

I remember when Melody first called. She lived in New York and had very little connection to Michigan, other than her fiancΓ© had been doing a fellowship here. She planned on getting married in Chicago, an idea I just loved, but also knew the logistics of. (I have to mention this because in hindsight, the idea of this wedding being anywhere else is sort of crazy.) I had just done an incredible wedding at Planterra Conservatory and suggested she look into it. She booked it without even seeing it (!), hired us for full design, and we were off and running.

To say Melody and I connected is an understatement. We have similar taste, which made it extra fun, and we became great friends through the course of planning her day. (Case in point, she took me to a massage the week of her wedding - who does that?) What I loved most is how trusting she was. As detail oriented as she was (she's an insanely talented and dedicated attorney), she knew she was in capable hands and as a result, she allowed us to put our hearts into their day. Pics courtesy of Jill DeVries.

Have to stop at the car. It was loaned to them on their wedding day because Ashkan had saved a man's eyesight. I am not kidding. Ok, back to these two. That love I mentioned? Cray.

Following the 1st look, guests started to arrive and the ceremony began. My favorite part of this was that they had ZERO wedding party and chose to walk down the aisle hand and hand together. Well, after the cutest little attendants ever...

Onward to the design...

Melody and Ashkan had lived in Miami at one point, so we found ourselves heavily inspired by their favorite restaurant there, Cecconi's. Melody and Ashkan had also fallen in love as a result of her music blog, so we tried to bring in music as much as we could. And mostly, we just tried to create a romantic and ethereal vibe which would change from day to night - a mid-spring night's dream. 

We are thankful for our entire team of vendors, as well as to Planterra for allowing us to bring in as much of our own team/lighting/decor as we wanted so we could really make this day special. Linens came from California, candelabras and vessels from New York - we even brought in napkin rings from West Elm and had custom table numbers made. Planterra went above and beyond to execute our picky demands - they even said yes to floral ice cubes (yes, each ice cube had flowers in it) and a giant chandelier of greenery that was suspended over the dance floor. And, of course, we blew it out with lighting and draping, courtesy of our friends at the Lighting Guy. 

Love this last pic. This was when Melody first walked in and saw the room for the first time. She cried and so did I. But enough about that, back to cocktail hour and the rest of the evening...

That moment when the sun went down and day turned into night was absolutely bananas. Going into it, we had a fair idea of how good it would be. All the elements were there, but I don't think anyone was prepared for just how good it was. Design aside, it was great because Melody and Ashkan really focused their attention on each other on their wedding day. They had a very special guest list, a group of people who were really there to celebrate them, and to be honest with you the result of design + love was mind-blowing - absolutely one of a kind. So often people forget to disconnect from the details and just focus on the moment. They absolutely did NOT forget to do that and we are forever grateful for the experience. 

M & A, a very happy anniversary to you! Sorry it took me an entire year to blog this - it was intimidating to write about it and really try to do this day justice. I struggled with this entire post! But as they say, sometimes images really do speak louder than words. Absolutely magical! Thank you again for trusting us with this very special day. Congratulations again to Melody and Ashkan!

Event Design & Coordination: Alison and Bryan // Photography: Jill DeVries //  Videography: Two Penny // Catering: Continental // Floral & Venue: Planterra  // Lighting & Draping: The Lighting Guy // Print Material: Rock Paper Scissors // Cake: Sweet Heather Anne // Linens/Rentals: Alison and Bryan, Special Events and The Google :) // Entertainment: DJ Graffiti