944 Detroit Wedding Issue

we were recently asked to create a table for 944 detroit’s first annual wedding issue. it was kind of a big deal, as they only featured one planner per city (and in our case, state.) oh, and even cooler ‘cuz the LA version was the fabulous mindy weiss! sheesh, no pressure, right?

so anyway, we opted to do a dessert table since it’s the hip thing to do these days.

when the ever-fabulous sweet heather anne and i were considering the overall cake design, i knew we had to have the cake be modeled after a gown from an actual upcoming designer collection - you know, being that 944 is super high fashion and all, it only made sense…

we chose kenneth pool for amsale’s antonia as our inspiration.

attached is the finished product. let’s just say i officially want to have this dress and eat it too.