Our Approach

Fearless, Creative, Efficient, Honest

Producing a wedding is both time-consuming and strategic, but over the last ten years we've perfected a system to streamline and simplify the entire process, allowing us to focus on the details that make your event personal and memorable, and allowing you to relax and enjoy. 

We are consummate professionals and work hard/play hard. The majority of our clients do too. They are CEO's, attorneys, physicians, business owners, residents, fellows, graduate students, musicians, actors, writers, and so on, and they like us because they know they can trust us. We're organized, respectful, efficient and creative. We can manage productions of several hundred without batting an eye, but we’re still laid back and fun.

We're passionate about providing a high level of service, both on the weekend of your event and the year-plus leading up to it. As such, we limit our client roster so we have the time to delve into the details and give you the experience you deserve. 

With twenty years of experience in hospitality and events each, from the United States to Europe, forest to ballroom, and direct sunlight to torrential downpour, we can handle any challenge that is thrown our way. Would you like to be a guest at your own wedding or event? It would be our pleasure to take care of you. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation and let's see if we're a match.


 What We Do


We're not interested in producing weddings that all look the same or following trends for the sake of following them. No two events we plan are alike, and we prefer it. Our events are 100% custom, strategically designed and curated to celebrate you. Our entire process was developed to capture who you are and what you love about life and each other. Would you like a wedding that is reflective of your relationship? Us too!


Gorgeous property, but it's a blank slate without power, restrooms, a kitchen, infrastructure to protect from weather, etc? No problem! Hotel ballroom but it feels stuffy or impersonal? Check! No venue at all? Even better, as we can find your perfect match based on your vision and budget. You're looking to make a space event ready and your own, and we’ll help you do that.


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to celebrate your wedding, while on vacation somewhere epic with everyone you love? As wedding planners and travel agents, we can make this happen. We’ll help you create a guest experience that is authentic, seamless, inspiring, memorable and fun, showcasing what’s unique about the destination you chose to celebrate in.

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