a little Alison and Bryan update

It has been awhile since I've really written, rather than just posted photos of things that I (or you) may find inspiring. but as it turns out, there’s lots of news here in A&B land. 

It has been a very busy fall. in two months alone we had 3 weddings, a 40th birthday and a sweet 16. Three of those were full-service planning, of which one was in another country (France) and another was planned in just three weeks. Talk about crazy! Needless to say, a slow December is a welcomed December. We all need time to regroup, especially us creatives.

Still, as we look forward and move into 2011, there is a lot to look forward to and much to be grateful for, and so I'm getting ready to embrace “the crazy” again with open arms. 

more to come, and soon! until then, cheers to you and yours this holiday season, and thanks for reading!