Working with us is comprehensive but efficient, allowing you to have a completely bespoke experience without sacrificing too much of your time.


Step One

Getting to Know You

There is truly no shortage of amazing venues and talent around the world, which is both exciting and incredibly daunting. As your team, we’ll take the weight off your shoulders. We’ll take you through an extensive interview to learn about you, your relationship, your goals, your aesthetic, your budget, and your comprehensive event needs - all before signing a single contract. We’ll map out the entire planning process for you and then guide you through every single step, allowing you to relax and enjoy.


Step Two

Logistics and Planning

A seamless event involves so much more than how it looks; in the end it’s how it feels. It’s understanding proper service, whether it’s designed to be an intimate dinner party with family style courses or a five-star culinary experience where each guest is served at precisely the exact same time. It’s analyzing a photographer given their personality and medium, and the way they handle light. It’s crafting food and beverage pairings and presentation based on what your destination is known for, or where you’ve traveled to on vacations together (we do this often and we love it). It’s navigating tenting and permits, and understanding grade changes, and how much is flooring exactly and can your elderly guests handle an incline? From procuring accommodations for hundreds, to childcare, to transportation, to generators, to etiquette, and beyond, we’ll manage it all. We’ll be your advocates, educating you and presenting procured choices based on what is best for you and your event.


Step Three


Once our logistics plan and team are in place, we’ll turn toward aesthetics. We don’t look to a floral or lighting designer to tell us what we need, our design process is much more comprehensive than that. From considering the way the space lights up as the sun sets, to designing the perfect invitation liner that happens to match the custom dance floor, we are master creative directors and oversee every single detail. We will create an ambiance that inspires you. We’ll create a cohesive design that mixes who you are and what you love with the unique sensibilities of where you’re celebrating. Our experience and transparency will maximize your design budget and make it the best it can be.


Step Four


It takes a village to produce a great wedding. We don’t often show the behind-the-scenes, but let’s just say that it can feel like an episode of HGTV. After the planning and design is set, we go into management mode, overseeing the production of your team and the event, from set-up to tear-down. Welcome bags delivered, rehearsal dinner and welcome party (if you’d like) completely managed. We’ll make sure you have your favorite drink in hand. Your parents, too. Someone brought a date? We’ve got you. Mother nature has other plans? No problem. We’ll run the entire show with you as our guest. If you’re looking for a five-star experience, not just on the day of your wedding, but throughout the planning process, do consider us.


We are booking for two thousand twenty and would love to hear from you