Ford House Wedding for Nikki & Kiff

This one is a long time coming and we still don't even know where to begin! We were honored to have been asked to plan and design this wedding for such a great family, and at our client's grandfather's childhood home which obviously was so meaningful and special.

Both ceremony and reception were held on the grounds of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, which is now a museum. To preserve and protect the estate (and the guests from the weather - which is good because it did rain!), we allowed the house to serve as a backdrop, with the event itself held under a series of tents - six tents to be exact. Thanks to Tec Petaja for the images.

The before (not a Tec photo obviously - ha ha)...

And, of course, the after...



Guests arrived and were able to tour the home prior to the start of the ceremony. Docents and beverages were on hand, as well as a long halfway with photos of our clients' relationship, allowing each guest to "walk their story" en route to the I Do's.

The ceremony was planned for the garden up until 3 months out, which is when it was decided it would just be too far for guests to walk from there to where the other tents were. Fine if it was a perfect weather day, but seeing as though we've primarily done outdoor events, we knew better than to make that plan without any backup. It was simply too risky and we couldn't install flooring (and covered walkways, and heating, and cooling, and and and...) throughout the entire estate - that would be crazy! So, instead, we measured through 5 feet of ice during a snowstorm (true story!) to make the new plan happen. Well, Bryan was the one who measured. I was on a golf cart tour at Bacara in Santa Barbara that day. (Thanks B!)

It was tough to change the original plan because the garden was GORGEOUS, but sometimes you have to sacrifice the ideal for overall guest comfort. It doesn't matter what it looks like if no one has a good time. In the end, it was a good thing we changed the plan, as we never would have gotten this. 


We took a blank canvas overlooking the water and added a clear top tent, a lightweight chiffon fabric for draping (softening the space and preventing shadowing in photos/direct sunlight in the eyes of our guests!), greenery garland installations, foxgloves, chiavari chairs, and plank wood flooring, and VOILA; these two were married in a magical garden environment. What you don't see is a 5 ft grade change underneath the plank wood flooring. Friends, when the ground has a slope to it, a nice flat floor does not happen. You have to build it that way! 

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktail hour underneath a sailboat cloth tent just perfect for the lakeside setting. We worked with Saipua (amazing Saipua) to install floral from the ceiling over the bar, designed to feel as if it was simply growing there that way.


Onward to a new tent for dinner...

Of course we had to have Lions cake with the wedding date on the jerseys (thanks Sweet Heather Anne). Kiff has so much love and pride for that team and was so thrilled with it! Even the foam finger was edible.

Guests went on to enjoy an amazing meal from Continental/Forte Belanger, dancing the night away under a giant floral chandelier.

Many thanks to the entire team - in particular Bonnie at Continental/Forte Belanger, HDO, and Saipua. Couldn't have done it without you. Check out more from this magical day in Martha Stewart. Congrats to Nikki & Kiff!