Festival in the Forest


Festival in the Forest

Chicago-based Sarah and Travis wanted to create a more exclusive and unique guest experience then what the venues offered. We invited their guests to the middle of the Northern Michigan forest where we created a venue in the woods from scratch, one that literally needed to be cleared out with machetes for vehicles to access. Since Travis’ father was a pastor and there wasn’t an accessible church, we built an open air church out of steel. Following the ceremony, a gospel choir came in from Detroit and led guests on a forest walk to cocktail hour, with Moscow Mules tray-passed by servers along the way. When they arrived at the reception, a series of tents awaited them with immersive lighting that matched their field guide-inspired invitation suite, floral installations, teepee lounges, lawn games, a Motown band, and an elevated multi-course dining experience with beverage pairings throughout. They ended the night in a nearby lounge with a DJ and a ridiculous amount of pizza. A good time was had by all.

Alison Bryan - Festival in the Forest - Michigan

guests arrived to the middle of the woods and saw this peeking through the trees

Alison Bryan - Festival in the Forest - Michigan
Alison Bryan - Festival in the Forest - Michigan

teepee tents were brought in from Montana and turned into lounges and bars


the lighting on the tent matched their custom field guide-inspired invitations


Photography by KT MERRY