Alison and Bryan were able to take our very abstract vision and translate it into a wedding that was more beautiful and personal than I could have ever dreamed. They also flawlessly pulled it off in a day of monsoon-like rain, and even had everyone saying the rain made it better. From their reputation and previous weddings we saw, we knew they were going to be amazing, but what we didn’t expect was how close they became to us and our families. They took the time and effort to get to know not just Alex and I, but all the important people in our lives, adding personal touches throughout the entire event which is what made our wedding so personal and special. After mentioning loving the whitefish served at a restaurant we would frequent on vacation, they even called the restaurant to get their recipe! I couldn’t believe that I was able to be this lucky: to marry the most incredible man, surrounded by so much love in the most magical tent created by Alison and Bryan. We are so lucky to now call them our friends.

- Ali Bressler, New York Client

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