I am still in shock from it!! Such an amazing weekend, everything was so perfect and above and beyond what I even thought possible! Everyone told us it was hands down the best wedding they’ve ever been to and second doesn’t even come close. Each moment of the wedding topping the one before. And the lights on the Adriatic sea, are you joking?! What a showstopper! 

You guys took my very vague vision of “I don’t know, somewhere in Europe or maybe even California” and blew it up into something amazing! I've never seen myself that happy in my life! The smile on my face is bigger than one I have ever seen photographed before and I just feel so happy and thankful to have been able to experience such an amazing weekend.

Alison and Bryan - thank you so much for putting that smile on my face and for knowing what I wanted before I did! I'll never be able to thank you enough for the joy you brought us that will last a lifetime! 

- Youmna Sakr, Italy Client

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