I can’t recommend Alison and Bryan more enthusiastically. They listen to what you envision and work very hard to help you realize that experience. From the outset, Alison and Bryan worked hard to understand what my daughter and son-in-law wanted and brainstormed with them to produce the weekend they wanted. They pushed no “one idea” but lent their expertise to create a unique, distinctively Jackie and Sean wedding. It was amazing. I can’t tell you how many guests at our wedding couldn’t believe the unique flare and attention to quality and detail. All were hand selected by Alison and Bryan for our consideration and on the days of the events (rehearsal party, wedding, brunch) worked as a well-oiled machine - as if they had worked together for years. Other planners go back again and again to the same folks, but with Alison and Bryan they found exactly the people whose style met ours to combine for a magical effect. Alison and Bryan consistently went above and beyond in all aspects of the planning. We essentially had to plan two weddings when, four months before the wedding, our venue sadly was destroyed by the mudslides in Montecito. Alison and Bryan rolled up their sleeves and within a week we had a “replacement” venue that turned out to be the best! No drama, no panic, just “let’s get this done!” They are fantastic professionals, lovely individuals and a delight to work with.  

- Dorothy Attwood, MOB

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