Better Wedding Planners than Bloggers

Photo by Poses Awkwardly (amazing SB photographer)

Photo by Poses Awkwardly (amazing SB photographer)

Try as we may, we will never be able to be great bloggers! We are simply too busy working on events. I don't feel guilty about it because I'd rather spend the time planning events, BUT sometimes I wonder why we even have a blog and if it's even interesting to our readers. 

But I digress, it's a great place to share news...

So news: life in Santa Barbara is most excellent. We are almost booked for the 2018 season, with a few dates remaining. We are still continuing to take fewer and fewer clients every year, allowing us time to really do the kind of work we want to do. After 10 years in business, we know without a doubt what we were meant for; weekend getaways in celebration of two people in love, with everyone they love. Quality guest experiences. We want to take care of people. We want to show them the time of their lives. That's all! Life is too short and too busy to not do it this way.

So, 2018 will find us all over the place: most importantly, we have several epic experiences in the works here in Santa Barbara. 

We believe in Santa Barbara as a wedding destination. It is truly world class. More about this soon...maybe...once I become a better blogger.

Much love,

A & B

P.S. Oh, yes - we changed our name a little while back. We have always been known as Alison & Bryan to our clients and colleagues, not VLD, so it just made sense.