Guy & Girl About the World - Mackinac Island

We were so lucky to have had the FAB Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island offer to host us as guests this past summer. Neither of us had actually been to Mackinac, although our clients have been going up there for mini-moons and vacations for years. And of course, we've obsessed over the interior at the Grand Hotel from afar, as we've been big fans of Carleton Varney (designer of the Grand and The Breakers) and own all of his books. To think that you can actually host a wedding up there is a dream. It's pretty turnkey as far as events go (meaning your basic decor is already in place), but we'd love to get our hands on it with a little Carleton/A&B collabo.

It started off a little grey on the boat ride in, but soon the world just exploded with color. Pics...


They were hosting a cocktail hour in this room when we were there. A harpist was playing with bar carts stationed around every turn. Honestly, it was fabulous.


What I like about the Grand is there are so many spaces to hold an event - ceremony on the lawn, multiple ballrooms, outdoor cocktail spaces, etc. It is for the client who wants a full weekend-long experience in one space, with different types of experiences throughout. And from a guest perspective, it is enjoyable because everything is within walking distance, and the pool (not pictured as we couldn't possibly swim and take pics at the same time) is excellent.


Carleton (we're on a first name basis now) knew about the banana leaf pattern trend way before the rest of the world did.


They should put this guy in their brochure. Polo, anyone?


As I'm sure you know, it's an island without cars, so everything is via horse and buggy. 


Make yourself at home, darling.

View from the porch where ceremonies take place in front of the fountain...


And, of course, that beautiful water...

We are lucky to be doing 3 weddings up north next summer, and we'd love to see the Grand Hotel on our roster for 2017. Thanks to Marty and the Grand Hotel for the incredible hospitality. We are so inspired by the Grand's operations and are strongly recommending the Grand Hotel to our clients for mini-moons or weekend-long weddings and events.

Just do us a favor and take us with you...